AMCAT Syllabus,Exam Pattern 2016- 2017 for Civil Engineering

AMCAT 2016-2017 for Civil Engineering AMCAT exam 2016 is an examination which is Conducted by the Aspiring minds to the candidates who have passed in the Engineering in various branches such as Civil Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Electronic & Electrical Engineering, etc….., MBA Graduation as well as Graduation. AMCAT exam 2016 is a great opportunity for the Civil Engineering candidates to highlight themselves before the companies. AMCAT exam 2016 makes it easy for the companies to take decisions on employing the talented Civil Engineering candidates. Even there are results given by the colleges to the Civil Engineering candiates on their academic performance, this doenot make the students to highlight themselves before many MNC companies.

JOB Opportunities for Civil engineering Candidates through AMCAT

AMCAT exam 2016 helps the students to get good Job Oppotunities in India & Overseas. The Students should be very careful while understanding the Syllabus of AMCAT 2016 & Exam Pattern of AMCAT 2016 for this AMCAT Examination 2016-2017. Students have to visit the Official Website for clear information about the instructions. Here, we are helping many students by giving you an overall view of the Syllabus for Civil Engineering Students to get good scores in AMCAT 2016-2017 and Crack good Job Opportunities by showing the Score Card. There are over 700 Companies which recognize and consider AMCAT Score Card for recruiting the employees. there are over 500 small as well as medium scale organisations which recruit their employees through AMCAT. AMCAT plays an important role in the Career of the Civil Engineering Students. Nearly Some lakhs of Civil Engineering Jobs are being Provided by the AMCAT every year. Some of the Jobs provided by the AMCAt to the Civil Engineering Candidates are Structural Engineer Jobs, Civil Engineer Jobs, Project Planner Jobs, Building Control Surveyor Jobs and the Building Surveyor Jobs. We recommend you to Take the AMCAT 2016 test and get placed in the MNC’s, Construction Companies, and many other companies which offer a High pay scale.    

The Syllabus & Exam Pattern Of AMCAT 2016-2017 for Civil Engineering Candidates:            

Many Civil engineering students are lack of proper knowledge on the Syllabus of AMCAT 2016-2017 & Exam Pattern of the AMCAT 2016-2017. So, the Students have to understand the topics for their Stream in Engineering and then prepare for the exams. The Syllabus of AMCAT 2016-2017 & the Exam Pattern of AMCAT 2016-2017 are the same for the Compulsory Modules. So, The Civil Engineering should concentrate on the Optional Modules to know their Syllabus of AMCAt 2016. We recommend you to visit the Official website and have a clear idea of the topics in each subject. Here, we provide some information on the Syllabus of AMCAT 2016-2017 for Civil Engineering & Exam Pattern of AMCAT 2016-2017 below.

Exam Pattern of AMCAT 2016-2017 for Civil Engineering:

There are two modules for all the candidates. The first Module is the Compulsory module which is common for all the Students. The Duration of AMCAT exam for Both modules of Compulsory as well as Optional Modules is 3 Hours.The Candidates have to concentrate on the Second Module which is Optional Module. The Optional Module Comprises of 900 marks. The Civil Engineering Candidates will be given 25 questions in the AMCAT Optional Module Civil Engineering examination. The Duration for the Civil Engineering Candidates for answering AMCAT Optional Module of  Civil Engineering will be 20 minutes.       


To Know the Syllabus & Exam Pattern of AMCAT Compulsory Modules 2016 – Click here.

The AMCAT Syllabus for Civil Engineering Students in the Optional Modules are provided by us here. We request to have a look over it amd prepare well for AMCAT 2016 and Crack a good Job.

The Syllabus Of AMCAT 2016-2017 Optional Modules for Civil Enginnering 

  1. Structural Engineering.
  2. Geotechnical & Water Resource Engineering.
  3. Surveying & Transportation engineering.

AMCAT 2016-2017 Syllabus for Optional Module-1 : Structural Engineering

  • Strength of the materials.
  • Applied Mechanics.
  • Construction as well as Building materials.
  • Structures and theory of Structures.
  • Concrete Technology.
  • Rainforced Cement Concrete ( R C C ) Design.
  • Steel Structure.

AMCAT 2016-2017 Syllabus for Optional Module-2 : Geotechnical & Water Resource Engineering

  • Hydraulic Engineering.
  • Water Supply Engineering.
  • Soil Mechanics.

AMCAT 2016-2017 Syllabus for Optional Module-3 : Surveying & Transportation engineering

  • Estimation & Costing of a Construction.
  • Railway Engineerng.
  • Highway Engineering.
  • Surveying.

We will update you the details of AMCAT 2016-2017, Previous Papers of AMCAT 2016-2017 in the coming days. The Students are recommended to visit the Official Website for more information on the Instructions. We suggest you to prepare well for AMCAT 2016.

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