UPSC IAS Civil Services Exam Syllabus, Exam pattern, Important Dates 2018-2019 Download free pdf

The UPSC invites the eligible candidates to apply for the IAS Examinations 2018 through its notification in the Official Website. The Pre-Exam Notification of IAS examination 2018 was recently released by UPSC. The interested candidates can apply for the prestigious examinations of Union Public Services 2018 conducted by UPSC (Union Public Service Commission). Here we provide the Download IAS Mains Syllabus 2018 – 2019. The IAS Examination Prelims 2018 is going to be held in the month of May, or June of this year, 2018. IAS Syllabus 2018 pdf download, We have observed many candidates are searching for the Syllabus, Exam Pattern, etc…, of Civil Service Examinations 2018 generally IAS Examination 2018. IAS Syllabus 2018 pdf download, The Application Form for IAS Examination 2018 will be available in the official website of the Union Public Services Commission i.e. So, here we are providing you with the Syllabus of IAS Examination 2018 both the Prelims and the Mains below for UPSC IAS Syllabus 2018 pdf download .

UPSC Civil Services IAS Exam Syllabus 2018-19 Download

The UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) Examination is commonly called as IAS Examination. Indian Administrative Service is one among the 24 Union Public Services such as IPS, IFS, etc, Mains IAS Syllabus 2018 pdf download The IAS examination is one of the toughest examination in the world. Every year 9 to 10 lakhs students will appear the examination but only few students get qualified. The Selected IAS candidates will have an exposure in different kinds of roles such as Head of the Public Sector Units, Cabinet Secretary, Chief Secretary, Commissioner, etc…., It is also known as the most unique career as it makes many changes in the lives of millions of people in India. The Dates of Notifications of various UPSC examinations, UPCS Mains IAS Syllabus 2018, the Last for the receipt of applications of various UPSC examinations, UPSC IAS Syllabus 2018 pdf download, the Dates of various UPSC examinations and the Duration of the various UPSC Examinations are released through a Examination Calendar 2018 Notification in the Official website of Union Public Services Commission(UPSC) i.e. through a link given below  You can verify the exam dates, dates of Notifications, Last Dates for receipt of applications and the duration of the exams in this year, 2017.

UPSC Civil Services IAS Examination Notification

The name of the Organization: Union Public Service Commission (UPSC).

Name of the Post: IAS Officer (Indian Administrative Service).

Age Limit: 21 to 32 years as on 1st of August of the year of their examination.

Category of Job: Central Government.

Official website: 

The UPSC Civil Services IAS Examination Pattern & Syllabus 2018

The UPSC Examination of IAS will have mainly Two phases i.e. Prelims Examination (generally known as Civil Services Aptitude Test CSAT since the year 2011), Mains Examination which include an Interview.

The Civil Services Prelims Examination: The Prelims Examination will be an Objective type of Examination which consists of Multiple Choice Questions. The Students who are qualified and selected in Prelims Examination will be allowed to Mains. This Examination is generally conducted in the month of August. The Date of Commencement of the Prelims Examination of August, 2018 as stated in the Notification released by the Official Website of UPSC i.e.      .

The Civil Services Main Examination: This is a written examination. The students who are qualified & selected in the Mains examination will have to attend an interview. The Mains are generally conducted in the month of November or December every year. The Date of Commencement of The Mains examination is 3rd of December,2016 according to the notification released by the Official Website of UPSC i.e. The students who are qualified and selected in the mains will be called for an interview.


UPSC Civil Services IAS Exam 2018 Exam Pattern

The Exam Pattern of the UPSC Civil Services IAS Prelims Examination 2018:

The Prelims Examination is an Objective type of Examination with Multiple Choice Questions (the candidate has to choose an option from the given options for that question). This examination consists of two papers namely Paper I and Paper II. The Paper I contains 200 marks and Paper II also contains 200 marks. The Duration for Paper I is 2 hours as well as Paper II is also 2 hours. The exam Pattern of the UPSC Civil Services IAS Prelims Examination is as follows:

Name of the Paper.No. of Questions.Duration Given.Marks.
Paper I: General Studies.100.2 Hours.200.
Paper II: Aptitude.


Total Marks.

80. 2 Hours.200.



Note: The marks which are secured in the prelims are only for qualifying the Mains Examination. It is not counted to determine the order of merit. The Qualifying marks for Paper II: Aptitude is 33%. But the candidates will be promoted to the Mains only based on the Qualifying marks in Paper I: General Studies.


UPSC Exam Pattern of the UPSC Civil Services IAS Mains Examination 2018 – 2019:

The Mains Examination is a written Examination. It consists of 9 Papers out of which 2 are Qualifying in nature namely Paper A and Paper B; remaining 7 papers which are namely Paper I to Paper VII which are based on Ranking. The Questions will be available in Hindi as well as English in the Question Papers.

S.No.Name of the Paper.Name of the Subject.Marks.
1.Paper-A.Modern Indian Language. (Qualifying Paper).300.
2.Paper-B.English (Qualifying Paper).300.
4.Paper-II.General studies-I.250.
5.Paper-III.General studies-II.250.
6.Paper-IV.General studies-III.250.
7.Paper-V.General studies-IV.250.
8.Paper-VI.Optional Subject (Paper-1).250.
9.Paper-VII.Optional Subject (Paper-2).250.

Note: Here, Modern Indian Language means any language which is included in the 8th Schedule to the Constitution of India.

The Final Ranking of the candidates: This is done based on the marks obtained in the Mains and the Interview.

IAS Syllabus of UPSC Civil Services IAS Examination 2018

The Syllabus of UPSC Civil Services IAS Prelims Examination (CSAT) 2018:

I. UPSC Civil Services IAS Prelims – Topics in Paper I – General Studies:

  1. Current Affairs: Events occurring in the National as well as in the World.
  2. Indian History & National Movement of India.
  3. Geography: India & the World; Physical, Economic & Social Geography of India as well the World.
  4. Polity of India & Indian Governance: Constitution, Panchayat Raj, Public Policy, Political System, Rights Issue, etc…..,
  5. Economic Development & Social Development: Sustainable Development, Social Sector Initiatives, Demography of the Nation, Poverty, Inclusion.
  6. General Issues on Bio-Diversity, Environmental Ecology and Change in the Climate (these do not require any specialization).
  7. General Science.

II. UPSC Civil Services IAS Prelims – Topics in Paper I – Aptitude:

  1. Interpersonal Skills which include Communication Skills.
  2. Analytical Ability & Logical Reasoning.
  3. Decision-Making & Problem-Solving.
  4. General Mental Ability.
  5. Basic Numeracy (numbers as well as their relations, orders of magnitude, etc…..,) & Data Interpretation ( Tables, Graphs, Charts, Data Sufficiency, etc…..,). Note: Basic Numeracy & Data Interpretation based on Level of Class X.
  6. English Language – Comprehension Skills ( Based on Level of Class X)

Note: The Paper II – Aptitude has a negative Marking of 33%. 

The Syllabus of the UPSC Civil Services IAS Mains Examination 2018:

The UPSC Civil Services IAS Mains examination consists of papers. They are as follows:

  1. Paper-A: Modern Indian Language. (Qualifying Paper).
  2. Paper-B: English (Qualifying Paper).
  3. Paper-I: Essay.
  4. Paper-II: General studies-I.
  5. Paper-III: General studies-II.
  6. Paper-IV: General studies-III.
  7. Paper-V: General studies-IV.
  8. Paper-VI: Optional Subject (Paper-1).
  9. Paper-VII: Optional Subject (Paper-2).

I. UPSC Civil Services IAS Mains – Topics in Paper A – Modern Indian Language (Qualifying Paper):

  1. Comprehensive questions on given Passages.
  2. Precise Writing. (Making a Summary).
  3. Usage as well as vocabulary.
  4. Short Essay.
  5. Translation from English to the Indian Language & conversely.

Note: Modern Indian Language will be as the languages in the 8th Schedule of the Indian Constitution.

II. UPSC Civil Services Mains – Topics in Paper B – English (Qualifying Paper):

  1. Comprehensive questions on given Passages.
  2. Precise Writing. (Making a Summary).
  3. Usage as well as vocabulary.
  4. Short Essay.

 III. UPSC Civil Service IAS Mains – Topics in Paper I – Essay:

The candidates have to write an essay on any of the topics given. They are required to write the essay in the language of the choice of the candidate. The candidates have to be close to the subject of the essay and arrange the ideas in orderly fashion and write in brief.

IV. UPSC Civil Services IAS Mains – Topics in Paper II – General studies I:

The major areas of this paper are as follows:

  1. Heritage & Culture of India,
  2. History & Culture of the World as well as the Society.

V. UPSC Civil Services IAS Mains – Topics in Paper III – General studies II:

The major areas of this paper are as follows:

  1. Governance
  2. Polity
  3. Constitution
  4. Social Justice.
  5. Internal Relations.

VI. UPSC Civil Services IAS Mains – Topics in Paper IV – General studies III:

The major areas of this paper are as follows:

  1. Technology
  2. Economic Development.
  3. Environmental
  4. Security
  5. Disaster Management.
  6. Bio-Diversity.

 VII. UPSC Civil Services IAS Mains – Topics in Paper V – General studies IV:

The major areas of this paper are as follows:

  1. Ethics
  2. Integrity
  3. Aptitude

 VIII. UPSC Civil Services IAS Mains – Topics in Paper VI – Optional Subject Paper 1:

The topics in this paper depend on the subject the candidate selects from the list of Optional Subjects.

XI. UPSC Civil Services IAS Mains – Topics in Paper VII – Optional Subject Paper 2:

The topics in this paper depend on the subject the candidate selects from the list of Optional Subjects.

The List of Optional Subjects is as follows: 

  • Agriculture
  • Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Science.
  • Anthropology
  • Botany
  • Chemistry
  • Civil Engineering.
  • Commerce & Accountancy.
  • Economics
  • Electrical Engineering.
  • Geography
  • Geology
  • Law
  • Management
  • Mathematics
  • Mechanical Engineering.
  • Medical Science.
  • philosophy
  • Physics
  • Political Science & International Relations.
  • Sociology
  • Public Administration.
  • Psychology
  • statics
  • Zoology
  • Literature of any one of the language such as Assamese, Bengali, Bodo, Dogri, gujarathi, Hindi, Kannada, Kashmiri, Konkani, Maithili, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Santhali, Sindhi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, English.

Note: The candidate can select the literature of any of the above languages only if he or she has graduated in the Literature of that specific Language as the Main Subject.

UPSC IAS Syllabus, Exam Pattern 2018 – 2019Download


The UPSC Civil Services IAS Interview:

The interview is conducted after the Candidate is passed in the Mains Examination. The Interview plays an important role in the Selection of the Candidate.

  • The Selected candidate will be interviewed by a Board which consists of the Competent as well as fair-minded members. The Board will have the record of career of the Candidate. The candidate will be asked questions on the General interest of the Board. The purpose of the interview is mainly to review the Candidate’s Personality Suitability for a Career in Public Service i.e. IAS. The Board also observes and judges the Mental Ability as well as Mental Caliber of the Candidate. The Interview is conducted to assess the intellectual qualities as well as the Social behavior of the Candidate and the interest of the candidate in the Current affairs. The Board essentially observes the qualities such as Mental Alertness, Clear & Logical Exposition, Critical Powers of Assimilation, Social Traits, Interest & Knowledge on Current Affairs, Balance of Judgment, Variety & Depth of Interest, Ability of Social Cohesion, Leadership Skills, and Intellectual & Moral Integrity.
  • The Objective of the Interview is not to cross-examine the candidate, but to analyze his or her Intellectual & Mental Qualities.
  • The Board is interested to ask the questions relating to the events occurring in India as well as the World. As the candidates are already examined on the topics of Current Affairs and the Subjects in the written Examinations, the Board is interested to ask these questions. The Score of the Candidate will be based on the Personality test conducted as well as the intellectual Qualities.

UPSC Important Dates (According to 2017 Notification published in the Official Website):

The Date of Notification (Prelims): 18th of June, 2017.

The Date of Notification (Mains): It will be mentioned in the Official Website in the coming days. 

The Last Date for the receipt of applications (Prelims): Ot dated.

The Last Date for the receipt of applications (Mains): It will be mentioned in the Official Website in the coming days.

The Date of Examination (Prelims): 18th of June, 2017. 

The Date of Examination (Mains): 28th of October, 2017.


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